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I enjoyed watching all the other students present their schools environmental projects. It has inspired me to be more caring for our environment.

Hien, Year 6

Mullumbimby Public School

Entry 1. Sustainable seas project, focusing on the health of our rivers, waterways, and oceans.

Entry 2. Whole of school waste management system.

St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Pottsville

A recycling watering system using post-consumer bottles to water plants with a drip system.

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Green Innovation Awards 2018_050.jpg

It was great to learn more about the environment and how to help make the world a less polluted space. It was awesome to see everybody’s creative ideas.

Billy, Year 6

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Empire Vale Public School

An ethanol-based biofuel from sugar cane to run a lawnmower with the vision to run cane trucks on sugar-based biofuel in the coming years.

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I loved experimenting and learning new things. I would like to learn more about how scientists are using microorganisms to create fuels.

Erin, Year 6

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Wyrallah Road Public School

Entry 1. Solar Sensors; energy saving app with Smart Sensors. App lets you know if you’ve left on anything on when you leave the house.

Entry 2. Bins for Kids; the need for more education for children about what goes in the different bins and the need for smaller bins that are easier for kids to use and reach.

I think that the people who created the Green Innovation Awards are very clever as this project has made kids step up and develop new ways to protect the environment.

Dylan, Year 5

Green Innovation Awards 2018_067.jpg

Trinity Catholic College

Canteen Packaging Solutions. CRR Plan: Collect, Reshape, Reuse. Collect PET bottles sold within the school canteens to use in the school’s 3D printers. The plan is costed and ready to implement, and application is being made to the NSW State Government and Lismore City Council for funding to implement the plan.

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Return and Earn. Providing bins to collect bottles that can be recycled through the NSW State-wide Return and Earn Scheme, providing funds for the school - $22 so far and counting.